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Research reports

Aggarwal M, Hutchison B. Toward a Primary Care Strategy for Canada. Final Report. Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (Formerly CHSRF). December 2012.
Full Text (PDF)

Lapointe L, Hughes J, Simkus R, Lortie M, Sanche S, Law S. The Population Health Management Challenge. Final Report. St. Mary's Research Centre, Montreal, Quebec.  January 2012.

McCusker, J.,National survey of chronic disease selfmanagement : report of results, October2016, SPOR Networks in Chronic Disease development grant,                                                                         Full Text (PDF)

McCusker, J. Closer than you think: linking primary care to emergency department use in Quebec. Dissemination Report. Fonds de la recherche en santé Québec. February 2013.
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McCusker, J. A population-based study of use of emergency departments in Quebec. Special Reports. Fonds de la recherche en santé Québec. December 2010.
Special Report 1
Special Report 2
Special Report 3

McCusker, J. Implementation of chronic care management for late-life depression in primary care. Final Report. Canadian Institutes of Health Research. July 2009.
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McCusker, J. Safe discharge of seniors from the emergency department to the community. Final Report. Canadian Patient Safety Institute. June 2008.
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