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Experiences of Health and Illness


The Health Experiences Research Group at the University of Oxford has developed a unique and award-winning website of over 60 modules on people’s experiences of health and illness -( and

The St. Mary’s research team has completed the development of the first module of a Canadian collection of people’s experiences of health and illness - Family Caregiving - experiences on caring for persons with a chronic physical illness.  Two further modules are being developed regarding experiences of breast cancer in women, and immigrant experiences with anxiety and depression. 

The St. Mary’s research team has been trained by the research group at Oxford in the application of rigorous and systematic qualitative research methods; each module will include a ‘maximum variation’ sample of participants from across Canada.

The / sites are believed to be unique in Canada in the field of patient and healthcare communication. As such it has great potential for providing a reliable source of information and support for caregivers, patients, family and friends as well as excellent material to be used for education and training of healthcare professionals.

Investigators: Susan Law



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