Patient-centered research for better health and healthcare

Medical Informatics

St. Mary’s Hospital Center is developing new expertise in medical informatics research.  Through its HiRES (Health informatics for Research, Education and Service) project, the research centre is developing and intends to curate a regulatory body-sanctioned repository of clinical practice knowledge as well as a reference design for a computable medical record for research, education and service.  A second focus of the research is the investigation of autonomous medicine and the factors currently limiting its development.

Population Health Management (also known as practice-based population health) has been outlined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, (2010) as a key aspect towards the transformation of primary care through the proactive measurement and management of panels of patients in an individualized practice.

In a real-world, real-time setting, a team lead by Montreal’s St. Mary's Research Centre in collaboration with McGill University have designed a series of time-based exercises to test the ability of select primary care practices to identify patients who may benefit from evidence-based interventions and thus enhance capacities of primary care providers to practice evidence-based care.

The Population Health Management Challenge is a research project of St. Mary's Research Centre, sponsored by Canada Health Infoway.

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