Patient-centered research for better health and healthcare

Antonio Ciampi


   Current academic and hospital titles
Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology,
    Biostatistics and Occupational Health, Faculty of Medicine,
    McGill University, Montreal.
    Associate member, St. Mary’s Research Centre, Montreal,


Current research interests

  •    Biostatistics
  •    Statistical learning theory
  •    Decision theory
  •    Tree analysis
  •    Neural networks
  •    Biomathematical modeling

Current research grants and collaborations
Collaborator: "Improving the primary care management of depression in adults with one or more physical illnesses".
 Funded by FRSQ. May 2009 – April 2013.
Co-Investigator: "Une étude populationnelle de l'utilisation de l'urgence".
 Funded by FRSQ. May 2007 – April 2010.
Representative recent publications
Ciampi A., Couturier A., Li S. Prediction trees with soft nodes for binary outcomes. Statist. Med. 21:1145-1165, 2002.
Ciampi A., Zhang F. A new approach to training back-propagation artificial neural networks: empirical evaluation on ten data sets from clinical studies. Statist. Med. 21:1309-1330, 2002.
Ciampi, A., Schiffrin, A., Thiffault, J., Quintal, H., Weitzner, G., Poussier, P. and Lalla, D. Cluster analysis of an insulin dependent diabetic cohort: Towards the definition of clinical subtypes. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 243(7): 701 715, 1990.
Ciampi, A., Chang, C. H., Hogg, S.A. and McKinney, S.M. Recursive Partition: A versatile method for exploratory data analysis in biostatistics. Festsschrifts in honour of Professor Joshi (I.B. McNeil and G.J. Umphrey, eds.) Biostatistics, volume 5, D. Reidel Publishing Company, Holland, 23 50, 1987.
Ciampi, A. and Till, J.E. Null results in clinical trials: The need for a decision theory approach. Brit. J. Cancer. 41: 618, 1980.