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As of February 1, 2015 a new framework will govern the review of multicenter research for institutions with the Québec Réseau de Santé et Services sociaux (RSSS). Essentially, the new framework states that for every unique research project, only one Research Ethics Committee (REC) within the RSSS may act as the Reviewing REC.  However, each institution must still conduct an administrative review (examen de convenance) and provide authorization before the project may be conducted in their institution.

St. Mary's Research Review Office is currently preparing a new procedure to address this new framework. If you are planning on submitting a multicenter project to St. Mary's in the near future, please contact the Research Review Office. Otherwise, please check back shortly as more detailed information will be added.

Please note the following:

  • All research review at St. Mary's will continue to be coordinated through the Research Review Office, regardless of the Reviewing REC (CÉR-Evaluateur).  Current processes for administrative review (examen de convenance) will remain in place, however new forms will be introduced to facilitate these processes.
  • Ms. Lynne McVey, Associate President-Director General of the Montreal-West-Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre, is the person mandated to authorize research at St. Mary's Hospital Center.  She may be contacted via the Research Review Office.
  • Only investigators who have obtained research privileges at St. Mary's may request that the St. Mary's REC act as the Reviewing REC under the new multicenter framework.  St. Mary's staff or physicians who have not applied for privileges must submit a complete application for research privileges prior to submitting their project to the Research Review Office.  Please see the Research Privileges section for more details.

For more information on the new multicenter framework, please visit the MSSS Direction d'éthique et de la qualité's website.  McGill University has published an English translation of the principal framework.

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