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Research Privileges

As of June 19, 2014, the St. Mary’s Research Centre will be begin soliciting applications to obtain research privileges from investigators, clinicians and staff members who are currently conducting research at St. Mary’s Hospital Center.  Throughout the month of June, investigators, clinicians and staff members involved in a research leadership role (i.e. Principal Investigator or Site Investigator) at St. Mary’s will be informed in writing by the Research Review Office that they need to apply for research privileges.

Granting research privileges ensures the integrity of research being conducted at St. Mary’s and enables our institution to provide better oversight and protection for research participants.  The Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) requires that our institution grant research privileges to  investigators, clinicians and staff members who wish to lead research at St. Mary’s.  Implementing a mechanism to grant research privileges is a condition of maintaining the St. Mary’s Research Ethics Committee’s designation under Article 21 of the Quebec Civil Code, which allows our committee to review research projects recruiting minors and adults incapable of giving consent.

The application process for obtaining research privileges is as follows:

The review and approval of applications for research privileges is as follows:

  • The review of applications will be overseen by the Research Centre Executive Committee and the Academic Affairs subcommittee of the St. Mary’s Hospital Board of Directors.  The Hospital Board of Directors will formally grant research privileges upon recommendation from the Academic Affairs subcommittee.
  • Once research privileges are granted by the Board of Directors, the Vice President of Academic Affairs will send a positive decision letter, and if applicable, list any conditions.  When necessary, refusal letters with justification will be provided.
  • The granting of research privileges will be an on-going process.  Therefore applications received after September 1st, 2014 will be kept for the next round of review to be held in late 2014.  Ideally, we hope to have the requirement for research privileges to be fully implemented by May 2015. 
  • Failure to apply for research privileges may result in freezing of research funding and/or administrative termination of research projects.

In order to support St. Mary’s investigators, clinicians and staff in conducting high quality research, the Research Centre will offer the following services to those who obtain research privileges: 

  • Planning a research project.
  • Designing questionnaires and data collection forms.
  • Preparation of consent forms.
  • Statistical analysis and interpretation of results.
  • Preparing an article for publication.
  • Administrative support to prepare research budgets and Canadian Common CV (CCVs).

Contact information

Research Review Office
3830 Avenue Lacombe, Hayes Pavilion, suite 4710
Montreal (Quebec) H3T 1M5
Telephone: (514) 345-3511 ext. 3698
Fax: (514) 734-2652

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