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Research Ethics Committee

The Research Ethics Committee was originally established to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects in research activities conducted under the governance of St. Mary's Hospital Center. Since the Quebec Health Care reform act of 2015, its mandate has expanded to review research projects conducted at other installations within the Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de l'Ouest-de-l'Île-de-Montréal (CIUSSS ODIM). The Research Ethics Committee is under the authority of the Board of Directors of the CIUSSS ODIM.

The REC is designated under Article 21 of the Civil Code of Quebec, meaning the committee is able to review research projects involving minors or adults incapable of giving consent.

Current membership

Research Ethics Committee membership (in effect as of January 1st, 2019):

Chair Jessica Kovitz-Lensch, MD Scientific member (Neurology) / Ethicist
Members Clayton Bailey, MA Layperson
  Kathleen Chassé, BSc Scientific member (Physiotherapy)
  Marion Dana, LLB Lawyer
  Elaine Doucette, MSc Scientific member (Nursing)
  Alexandra Kaluzny Layperson
  Roman Lahola, STB Spiritual & Religious Care / Ethicist
  Victoria Mandilaras, MDCM Scientific member (Oncology/Clinical trials)
  Maureen McCormick, MSc Scientific member (Pharmacy)
  Deniz Sahin, MD, MSc Scientific member (Family medicine)

Upcoming meeting dates & submission deadlines

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Contact information

Research Review Office
3830 Avenue Lacombe, Hayes Pavilion, suite 4710
Montreal (Quebec) H3T 1M5
Telephone: (514) 345-3511 ext. 3698
Fax: (514) 734-2652

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