Recherche axée sur le patient pour améliorer la santé et les soins de santé



20 mars, 2013
Frances Handley-Derry, BSc
Cesarean rate in Canada
19 février, 2013
Richard Hovey, MA, PhD
Researching patient experience: an interpretation of an interpretation
18 février, 2013
Gary Shapiro, MD
Quality cancer care for older adults: location, location, location
5 février, 2013
Vivian Ramsden, MD
Transformative action research and participatory processes
22 janvier, 2013
Ghislaine Tre, MSc, PhD
Primary health care and patient safety
12 décembre, 2012
Jaroslav F. Prchal, MD
Polycythemia - is it cancer?
11 décembre, 2012
David Parry, LLB
Advanced research review: ethical decision-making
27 novembre, 2012
Rebecca MacDonald, MA
Research review 101
13 novembre, 2012
Karl Moore, PhD
Working with under 35 year olds the way they want to be worked with
5 novembre, 2012
Charles Bennett, MD, PhD, MPP
Planes, trains, automobiles and pharmaceuticals
30 octobre, 2012
Paul Holyoke, LLB, MSc, PhD
Practices and indicators for caregiver education and support programs
16 octobre, 2012
Sean Clarke, RN, PhD
The McGill nursing collaborative - future directions