Recherche axée sur le patient pour améliorer la santé et les soins de santé


24 avril, 2012
Stephen Stamis and Jennifer Verma
CHSRF: accelerating healthcare improvement and transformation
19 avril, 2012
Brent Hopkins, BSc
Engaging patients for quality improvement at SMHC
12 avril, 2012
Kerry Kuluski, PhD
The face of complex chronic disease
10 avril, 2012
Beste Kucukyazici, PhD
Improving health outcomes through operational policies
5 avril, 2012
Stefanie Carsley, BA, LLB
Surrogate motherhood in Canada
27 mars, 2012
Anne Andermann, MD
Addressing the social causes of poor health
23 février, 2012
Jane McCusker, PhD
Telephone-supported self-care intervention for depression
9 février, 2012
Norbert Schmitz, PhD
The diabetes health and wellbeing study in Quebec
26 janvier, 2012
Jean Daniel Jacob, PhD
Fear and power in forensic psychiatry
15 décembre, 2011
David Parry, LLB Candidate
Criminalization of non-disclosure of HIV status
1 décembre, 2011
Jeannie Haggerty, PhD
Rural-urban issues in measuring first-contact accessibility to healthcare
24 novembre, 2011
Mengzhu Jiang, MSc
Quality of colonoscopy in Quebec
3 novembre, 2011
Maida Sewitch, PhD
A telehealth intervention to boost colorectal cancer screening
20 octobre, 2011
Julie Trudel, PhD
Breast cancer patients and healthcare providors
6 octobre, 2011
Isabelle Ste-Pierre, PhD
Broadening the understanding of intra professional aggression