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Publications scientifiques 2013

DraftVous trouverez ici les articles publiés par des chercheurs et employées de St. Mary (noms en caractères gras). Articles énumérés sont limités à ceux publiés en 2013.

Andermann A, Wu A, Lashorer A, Norton P, Arora N, Bates D, Larizgoitia I on behalf of the Patient Safety Research Training and Education Expert Working Group of WHO Patient Safety. Case studies of patient safety research classics to build research capicity in low- and middle-income countries.  The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Public Safety, 39(12):553-560, 2013.

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Brisset C, Leanza Y, Rosenberg E, Vissandjée B, Kirmayer LJ, Muckle G, Xenocostas S, Laforce H. Language barriers in mental health care; a survey of primary care practitioners. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, (2013):1-9, Dec. 2013. DOI: 10.1007/s10903-013-9971-9.

Cole MG. Subsyndromal delirium in old age: Conceptual and methodological issues.  International Psychogeriatrics, 25(6):863-866, 2013.

Cole MG, Ciampi A, Belzile E, Dubuc-Sarrasin M. Subsyndromal delirium in older people: A systematic review of frequency, risk factors, course and outcomes.  International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 28(8):771-780, 2013.

Cole M, McCusker J, Voyer P, Monette J, Champoux N, Ciampi A, Vu TTM, Belzile E. The course of subsyndromal delirium in older long-term care residents. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 21(3):289-296, 2013.

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Cole M, McCusker J, Voyer P, Monette J, Champoux N, Ciampi A, Vu M, Dyachenko A, Belzile E. Symptoms of delirium predict incident delirium in older long-term care residents. International Psychogeriatrics, 25(6): 887-894, 2013.

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Corbeil D, Beauvais L, Pineault M, Bérubé D.  Prévenir les comportements agressifs de la clientèle : une approche intégrée. Objectif Prévention, 36 (2), May 2013.

Corbeil D, Beauvais L, Pineault M, Bérubé D.  Prévenir les comportements agressifs de la clientèle : une approche intégrée. Santé Québec, Autumn 2013.

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Dylewski J. I read it in a journal. Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice, 21:73, 2013.

Dylewski, J. The ones that got away. Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice, 21:342-343, 2013.

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Galanaud JP, Holcroft CA, Rodger MA, Kovacs MJ, Betancourt MT, Wells PS, Anderson DR, Chagnon I, Le Gal G, Solymoss S, Crowther MA, Perrier A, White RH, Vickars LM, Ramsay T, Kahn SR. Predictors of post-thrombotic syndrome in a population with a first deep vein thrombosis and no primary venous insufficiency.  Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostatis, 11(3):474-480, 2013.

Gándara E, Kovacs JM, Kahn SR, Wells PS, Anderson DA, Chagnon I, Le Gal G, Solymoss S, Crowther M, White RS,Perrier A, Vickers L, Carrier M, Langlois N, Kovacs J, Little Ma J, Carson N, Ramsay T, Rodger MA. Non-OO blood type influences the risk of recurrent venous thromboembolism. A cohort study. Thromb Haemost; 110(6):1172-1179, Dec. 2013.

Gauthier K, Kovacs MJ, ... Wells PS, Kahn SR, Anderson DA, Chagnon I, Solymoss S, Crowther M, White RS, Perrier A, Vickers L, Carrier M, Sabris E. Family history of venous thromboembolism (VTE) as a predictor for recurrent VTE in unprovoked VTE patients.  Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostatis, 11(1):200-203, 2013.

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Lemelin L, Gallagher F, Haggerty J. Parents' social representation of preschool children's weight and lifestyle. Recherche en soins infirmiers, (114):58-71, Sept. 2013.                 

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Luo ZC, Nuyt AM, Delvin E, Fraser WD, Julien P, Audibert F, Girard I, Shatenstein B, Deal C, Grenier E, Garofalo C, Levy E. Maternal and fetal leptin, adiponectin levels and associations with fetal insulin sensitivity. Obesity, 21(1):210-216, 2013.

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McCusker J, Cole M, Voyer P, Vu TTM, Ciampi A, Monette J, Champoux N, Belzile E, Dyachenko A. Environmental factors predict the severity of delirium symptoms in long-term care residents. Journal of the American Geriatric Society, 61(4):502-511, April 2013.

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McCusker J, Yaffe M, Sussman T, Kates N, Mulvale G, Jayabarathan A, Law S, Haggerty J. Developing an evaluation framework for consumer-centered collaborative care of depression using input from stakeholders. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 58(3):160-168, March 2013.PubMed with full tex

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McMullen T, Yaffe MJ, Beach S.  Elder abuse and its prevention: Screening and detection. Elder Abuse and Its Prevention Workshop Summary, National Academies of Science, II:28-32, 2013.

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Nyqvist KH, Hãggkvist AP, Hansen MN, Ezeonodo A, Hannula L, Maastrup R, Haiek LN. What is the purpose of the baby-friendly hospital initiative for neonatal wards? Commentary to a letter by Adkik Levin, Birth, 40(4):315-316, Dec. 2013.

Oualkacha K, Dastani Z, Li R, Cingolani PE, Spector TD, Hammond CJ, Richards JB, Ciampi A, Greenwood CMT. Adjusted Sequence Kernel Association Test for rare variants controlling for cryptic and family relatedness. Genetic Epidemiology, 37(4):366-376, 2013.

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Pineault M, Martin D, Cardinal L. Analysis of delays in the Adverse Event Reporting Process: A lean project in QRM. Internal Report. St. Mary's Hospital Center.

Roberge P, Doré I, Menear M, Chartrand É, Ciampi A, Duhoux A, Fournier L. A psychometric evaluation of the French Canadian version of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale in a large primary care population.  Journal of Affective Disorders, 147(1-3):171-179, 2013.

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Sewitch M, Jiang M, Grand R, Yaffe MJ, et al. Feasibility of a call-in centre to deliver colorectal cancer screening in primary care. Canadian Family Physician, 59(12):e550-e557, 2013.

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